Who is raaco? Click here to read about the history and success of raaco

Who is raaco? 

raaco has developed and manufactured a unique range of quality storage systems for small items, tools and accessories since 1957.

The whole range is based on the same basic values: quality, versatility, functionality and environmental awareness.

All the components in raaco's storage systems are designed to work together and to save time, space and money. The systems almost unlimited versatility means that it offers an efficient solution for every need.

raaco has long been an international market leader in the development and production of storage systems to the highest professional standards and Tramiki Supplies of Liskeard are proud to be a preferred distributor of RAACO products.

raaco's headquarters and production unit are in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. The company employs approx. 150-155 employees 35 throughout Europe. Distributors such as
Tramiki Supplies of Liskeard help distribute RAACO products all over the world.

RAACO has long been an international market leader in the development and production of storage systems to the highest professional standards and so Tramiki Supplies are proud to now sell RAACO products.

   Did you know that . . .
Since 1957 RAACO has produced and sold more than 25 million storage cabinets of high quality.

- professional storage solutions for the retail market  
For many years raaco has been the professional´s choice when it comes to providing multi-purpose storage solutions.
And with raacoDIY, now those advantages are available to the retail market.

The RAACO range offers a lot for the D.I.Y. enthusiast : With raaco DIY you get practical, sturdy, well-designed storage solutions at reasonable prices. The low prices, however, do not interfere with raaco´s quality consciousness. High quality is always in focus at raaco, ensuring that the name is always associated with the best.

A 10 year guarantee accompanies many items in the new DIY product line.
That´s your guarantee for solutions that last.

The raacoDIY-line was created for those who need to put together individualised solutions for the storage and transport of tools, accessories and equipment.

raacoDIY offers you every possibility to do it right - by yourself.

raacoDIY offers you:
- 10 year guarantee
- practical design
- flexibility and many combinations
- full storage solution product line
- high quality at a low price

  Did you know that . . .
one of raaco's toolboxes saved the life of a man!

While fixing his car the man - lying under the car - was in danger as the trestle yielded. But the car was stopped by his Compact toolbox and he escaped unhurt. A good thing that he had a raaco toolbox

Integral systems  

- all raaco products can be combined with each other 

Simplicity, efficiency and flexibility.
All raaco products are based on these guiding principles. Systems designed to bring order to the user's daily life.

Everybody requires a different form of order, however, and may need change. So storage solutions have to be flexible - individual products and complete systems.

Based on a series of standard formats and elements, infinite combinations of shelves, boxes, toolboxes, etc. are possible - stationary and portable.

raaco thinks logically. This versatility also applies to raaco's broad range of individual drawers, boxes and trays, in which all sorts of inserts and dividers guarantee that you can always install the design you need - and change it again just as quickly.

The company has won many international prizes for the excellence of its industrial design.

raaco opens a world of possibilities. Systematically.