We now sell in the categories of other vinyl records, 10" paper, card, PVC and poly sleeves for the 78's.

A lot of people ask us for the best ideal way of sending their 78's out in the post. One way is to purchase our double wall 50 x LP boxes and pad the bottom out with some packaging then place the 78 in the middle then pack out even more.

The best way by far that we have been telling customers for over 6 years now is as below. We have been told that this idea works but please do not hold us liable should something get broken:


Go to your local DIY shop and buy a pack of polystyrene ceiling tiles, the 12" square tiles.

Use one of our 12" cruciform mailers.

Put a tile in the bottom of the cruciform mailer (or 2 or 3 if you prefer). Get another tile and then take the 78 out of its sleeve and place the 78 on a tile. Mark around the 78 and then cut the circle out.

Place the tile with the centre removed on top of the tile in the cruciform. Put the 78 inside the circle. Put the centre of the tile over the top of the 78. Place another tile on top of this. Put the sleeve of the 78 on top of this tile, then place another tile on top of the sleeve.

Fold the cruciform mailer shut and tape up. You could seal with FRAGILE tape but to be honest, sometimes the courier thinks it is a game to see if they can break whats inside.

We will not guarantee that this will get your 78 to its destination in one piece but we have been told this works okay.

Good luck.

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