12" Vinyl hard foam surface cleaning mat with adaptors for 7"/ 45's and CD/DVD's

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12" Vinyl hard foam surface cleaning mat with adaptors for 7"/ 45's and CD/DVD's
The Vinylpeople cleaning mat provides a safe and secure surface that with a mixture of tried and tested designs (this product has been over 15 months in the making, I think this is version 9) and adapters allows you to clean your 12"/10"/7" and dinked 45's, plus cd's and dvd's, with ease and comfort.
We've been using this final version for over a year now which has involved cleaning thousands of records of all formats and it still functions perfectly with very little wear so it's durability cannot be doubted. How to use the adaptors, to switch from one format to the next, is clearly explained in the leaflet provided which also shows how the label protectors fit perfectly over the sticker to prevent any water damage to you favourite label image when cleaning them.
What the photo's don't show which is worth mentioning as another desirable feature is the mat has a strong rubber base which not only gives the whole thing more durability and strength it also helps the mat grip on which ever surface you're using giving you a lot more stability when cleaning your records.
So whether you sell second hand records for a living and clean up to 10-30 a day or you're just a serious vinyl collector that takes genuine care in the quality of your collection this is a product that we can personally guarantee is not only practicable bit will also last you a life time.
And around birthdays and Xmas time when the old saying 'what do you buy the DJ that has everything' crops up, well I think you've just found it.
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